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Scientific publications:

The SUPERSEDE project is a so-called “Research and Innovation” projected funded in the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union. Being focused on research, within the SUPERSEDE project a considerable amount of scientific publications about the SUPERSEDE project itself and research questions related to the project are created. In the sections “scientific publications” of this website, you have the possibility to download these publications. If you want to go the “scientific publication” section, click here.


Press release:

In this section of our project website you can download the project press release. If you want to go the this section of the, click here.


Project Deliverables:

All important internal working documents (deliverables),that where produced within the project and which summarize e.g. workplans, results of the validation, validation plans, plans for the delelvopment of the SUPERSEDE tool suite itself can be downloaded, by clicking here.


Other downloads:

If you are interested in e.g. presentations about the role of project partners, in media (photos and videos) about project meetings, you can go to the “other downloads” section by clicking here.