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Delta Informatica S.p.A. ( is a SME based in Trento, Italy, operating mainly as an ICT service company. Its business activities include software development, consulting and training. Delta has recently achieved a rapid growth thanks to the acquisition of personnel, competences and new businesses that have extended its market reach. As today, Delta Informatica counts almost 100 employees and its balance sheet has an overall turnover that well exceeds 10 million Euros. Delta’s own traditional business focuses on Public Administration, business administration, industrial automation, Web development, data centre and cloud computing management, as well as ad-hoc software development. Building on the experiences accumulated in recent years by its personnel and satellite companies, Delta has started a long term R&D effort in the area of virtual reality and serious games applied to training. Its 3-year PRESTO (Plausible Representation of 
Emergency Scenarios for Training Operations) research project, started in 2013, focuses on methodologies and tools for the specification, implementation and real-time control of the behaviours of artificial characters (NPCs) in emergency scenarios; its development team is projected to grow from the current 5 to 9 engineers. Technologies being used include: AOS’ C-BDI and JACK platforms; e- semble’s XVR; Unity 3D; Sesame for ontology management; C#, C++, and Java. A number of collaborations have been established with local research institutions of international relevance, including FBK (Fondazione Bruno Kessler), CIMEC (Center for Mind / Brain Science), and the University of Trento. A fundamental component of this on-going R&D effort is the international relationship with AOS Group (formerly Agent Oriented Software, Delta’s principal researcher, Paolo Busetta (see CV below), was AOS’ first employee when the company was established in Australia in 1997. From 2007, Delta’s personnel has been continuously researching and developing on behalf for AOS’ UK subsidiary, acquiring a strong experience on their multi-agent platforms, especially in the area of simulation and training (developing the CoJACK cognitive engine; ) and decision-support systems (contributing to AOS’ iWD “intelligent watchdog” product for control rooms; ). Delta is actively working for AOS for the development of their new multi-agent platform, called C-BDI; to this end Delta has established a small development team in Trento. As part of this relationship, Delta has been granted by AOS the legal rights to use and redistribute their platforms within Delta’s own products. AOS, based in Australia, UK and USA, specializes in operational autonomous software, covering the full spectrum from “intelligent assistants” supporting experts in solving mission-critical problems to autonomous systems performing tasks delegated by humans. AOS has established relationships with a number of international research institutes, including the Universities of Sheffield, Cranfield, York and Cambridge in UK, the University of Melbourne and RMIT in Australia, UK’ Defence Science and Technology Labs, Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Organization.

In SUPERSEDE, Delta Informatica will play the role of software integrator, providing substantial contribution in all the tasks in WP5, and leading Task 5.4. Moreover, they will contribute substantially to WP3, for their competence on developing DSS, and WP7 (market analysis, exploitation).