Fondazione Bruno Kessler


Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) is a non-profit research foundation established by the Autonomous Province of Trento and inheriting the activities of Istituto Trentino di Cultura (ITC), which was based on the ideas of Bruno Kessler, a long-time member of the local government and founder of the University of Trento. FBK operates as a private legal entity. It receives strong financial support from the province through yearly budget agreements. FBK is situated in Trentino, a province in northern Italy governed under a special autonomy statute. With more than 350 researchers, FBK conducts studies in the areas of Information Technology, Materials and Microsystems, Italo-Germanic studies, and Religious sciences. The Center for Information Technology-IRST of FBK focuses its research activities on three research areas of computer science, which are coherent with each other and highly synergic:

    • Engineering: Design, development, verification, validation and maintenance of software systems; evolution, adaptation, embedded software, service oriented software.
    • Content: Content extraction from structured (e.g. distributed databases), semi-structured (Web), unstructured (natural language text, images, speech, sound) data.
    • Interaction: Effective interaction with the external world, with people as well as signals acquired from the environment (e.g. images, sound, speech, visual and acoustic scenes).

Within FBK-IRST, the Software Engineering (SE) Research Unit has substantial competences and excellent scientific reputation in the areas of: (1) Requirements engineering (Goal-Oriented methodologies, requirements prioritization, requirements analysis); (2) Code analysis (reverse engineering, program transformations) and testing (test case generation, Web testing, test prioritization). In relation to the project, FBK-IRST provides expertise in: (1) models and techniques for decision-making; (2) requirements engineering for adaptive software; (3) analysis techniques for explicit, indirect user-feedback; (5) user- centred and model-centred design; (6) analysis of cost, benefits and risk related to OSS adoption.

The Project Management Group (PMG) was established in 2013 to assist ICT units with all of their project management needs. The PMG works across ICT units and administrative offices assisting and managing ICT related projects and providing guidance and support to maximize efficiencies, optimize results and reduce costs. The purpose of the PMG is to provide a unified approach for defining, managing, reporting and supporting the project management practices for the ICT units. Their goal is to build and maintain transparent, predictable, and repeatable project management processes to collaborate with ICT units.

In SUPERSEDE, FBK will play the role of project coordinator, will lead WP3 on methods and tools for decision support and WP8 (project management), and will participate to all the other packages, with substantial contribution to WP1, WP2 and WP4.


Anna Perini (Project Coordinator)
phone: +390461314330
email: perini[at]
Matteo Gerosa (Project Manager)
phone:  +390461314561
email: gerosa[at]