University of Zurich (UZH)


University of Zurich (UZH): The University of Zurich is the largest university in Switzerland and among the top 100 universities world-wide. UZH is a member of LERU, the league of European research universities, which underlines UZH’s position as a place of outstanding research. The people involved in SUPERSEDE belong to the Requirements Engineering Research Group (RERG) within the Department of Informatics (IfI). IfI is a leading department whose scope extends beyond classical computer science to a new domain that focuses on both computing and human aspects. IfI addresses topics such as the aging society, privacy and value creation in a digital age, corporate and societal innovation, and sustainable development as well as the underlying technical challenges of building and understanding large-scale, software-based systems.

The Requirements Engineering Research Group (RERG), led by Prof. Martin Glinz, is among the top research groups in Requirements Engineering world-wide, having over twenty years of in-depth experience in Requirements and Software Engineering. The following core competences are especially relevant for SUPERSEDE:

    • Requirements Elicitation: Members of RERG have developed first elicitation methods, which focus on end-users and allow them to communicate requirements in situ [1, 3, 5]. Within the ongoing StakeCloud project novel methods and tools supporting cloud providers in gathering and understanding user requirements are developed [2].
    • Software Modeling: RERG has developed several modeling approaches. This includes the modeling language ADORA (Analysis and Description of Requirements and Architecture). Ongoing work focuses on the FlexiSketch [4] approach and tool, which bridges the gap between flexible requirements sketches and more formal models.
    • Software Quality: Another area where RERG has excellent expertise is software quality. An example contribution in this field is a risk-based and value-oriented approach to quality requirements.
    • Software Evolution: RERG has also contributions that relate to supporting the evolution of software systems. For example, techniques that facilitate the update of requirements specifications when software systems evolve were developed.

UZH will be involved throughout the project, will lead work package WP1, and task: T3.1.UZH will participate with substantial contribution to WP2 and WP4.