Use cases

Siemens use case

SIEMENS is deploying a Smart City platform in the urban development area of “Seestadt Aspern” in the municipality of Vienna, where efficient buildings, a reliable power grid and capable mobility solutions are being developed for contributing in improving the residents’ quality of life and city sustainability. This platform can easily integrate heterogeneous devices, such as sensors (e.g. temperature, humidity) and energy readings from smart meters.

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SEnerCon use case

SEnerCon is mainly developing web-applications for end-users in the domain of energy efficiency management. These applications fall into two categories. The first one includes applications that enable end- users to monitor and analyse their energy consumption, while applications from the second category guide/advise end-users on how to save energy in every day’s life, through behavioural or technical changes. Usability and capability of the applications to provide clear explanations of the proposed advices are crucial to increase end-user acceptance of SEnerCon applications.

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Atos use case

ATOS provides a platform for live webcasting of sport events such as Masters Tennis. Webcasting of sport events is far more automated and dynamic than in the past and currently end-user feedback and interaction in real time are an integral part of the system.

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